Hello and Welcome!

My name is Santina, and I am the mom, creator, and owner behind From Fro 2 Toe. I was inspired to begin hand making leather moccasins in 2014, when I realized my (then) 6 month old daughter had so many cute outfits that were lacking the right shoes! I created this business to offer other parents an affordable handmade option for cute and couture baby shoes! I decided to name it after her fabulous baby afro and our selection of items from head to toe! Fast forward almost 6 years (and a son) later, and I still love hand-making every single pair! 

WHY LEATHER?? - Soft soled leather shoes are best because they are comfortable for growing feet, and provide a more natural step when learning to walk. They give excellent flexibility for little feet to explore the world around them. Plus with leather being a natural material socks are not needed! The premium leathers I use are thick enough for traveling all around town.

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Thank you for helping support our small business community and letting this mom work from home!